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Chronicles of Experience

Ride in our Convertible

Historical sites

Swimming in the Quarry

Nordic walking




Horseback riding


Hot air Baloon ride

ZOO Jihlava

Brewery Bernard

Heralec Soccer

Helicopter ride


Nordic skiing

Chronicles of Experience

In our Chronicles of Experience, we have put together a truly inspirational offer of free-time activities, both in the castle itself and its surrounding area. We offer a wide range of places to visit, both historical and cultural, as well as options to explore the local food and sports scenery!

Ride in our Convertible

Do not miss the ride in our Convertible!

Enjoy the beauty of Vysočina while riding through the countryside, the roof of our cabriolet Mercedes Benz E Class down, the sun in your face. The option to take this beautiful car for a drive is available to all of our hotel guests. It hosts up to 4 passengers and happens to be the perfect size to take some of our delicious picnic baskets with as well! Do not hesitate to go and experience neighboring historical monuments and the beautiful surrounding nature with the convertible as your guide.

Bon voyage!

Reservation details are available at the reception desk where you can also find more details about our picnic basket offer.

* attention: Chateau convertible is available to guests from April 1 to October 30.

Historical sites

Beautiful UNESCO historical sites in the Vysočina region within reach!

The Vysocina area has several historical sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, whether it is Telc, the Jewish quarter in Trebic or the pilgrim church of st. John Nepomucky on Zelena Hora in Žďár nad Sázavou. Medieval castles also await your visit – Pernštejn, Roštejn, Náměšť nad Oslavou or Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou are all within a comfortable drive. The Museum of Curiosities and World Records in Pelhřimov and the Western town Šiklův mlýn can also no doubt be an entertaining way to spend the day.

All information relating to these locations or the services of a personal tour guide are available at the reception.

Swimming in the Quarry

A unique experience – swimming in the Quarry!

When we first discovered the quarry, we knew it had to become part of our Chronicles of Experience. Visiting this place, one acquires a really rejuvenating energy that replenishes the soul. It is as if a piece of Canadian wilderness found itself in Vysocine. The intense fragrance of the surrounding pine forest is even more intense in the summer, while in the autumn you can rest on our hotel deck-chairs, wrapped in warm blankets, and just relax watching the pond surface. The quarry is accessible by foot – at 2km away, it is a brisk, adventurous walk -, by bike that we will gladly lend you as well as you via car. The perfect opportunity to take our castle convertible out for a drive.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact our reception.

Nordic walking

Nording walking – one of our most popular activities!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Nordic walking yet, better late than never! A condition sport for all ages, the accurately coordinated walking with special walking sticks is a pleasant way to work out your whole body. The effect is similar to Nordic skiing as both leg and upper body muscles are exercised, the back relaxed and your stamina increased. Positive effects on blood circulation have also been found, making Nordic walking a good preventive measure against cardiovascular diseases.

We offer four trails around the hotel, which are walkable during all seasons of the year:


The path leads from the Nohavicka stream to the old mill, where the fishermen’s paradise begins. The trails continue through the wide hills of Olšina all the way to the Skorkovsky fishpond, where during the summer you can no doubt spot horses from the nearby Cordon stables, having a drink or bathing.


This blue pathway is weaved in with fishponds, all the way from the fish aquifer U Dubu to the beautiful village Zdislavice. From there it is only a while to the fishpond Kachlička, where you can even take a swim during the warmer months.


This trail is one of the longest and most beautiful trails in the area, leading through a hilly terrain peaking at 559m. The trail is in the direction of the Koječíns fishpond, from which the Ulrych Mill is only 1km away. The ‘Pearl stream’, where you can find trouts, flows on through the mill.


Stonetown lies in a beautiful part of Vysocina, suitable for all kinds of tourism. Whether by foot, on a bike, horse, ski or even by car, you have a wide range of activities to take part in this area. During the winter, you can also go Nordic skiing. In the Orlov forest, the home of renown Czech scout Antonin Benjamin Svojsik is located. Antonin spent his holidays there before WWI, writing and creating the Czech scouting charter, even organizing the first scouting camps here.

Special Nordic walking sticks are available for rental at the reception.


Golf in the neighborhood of Chateau Herálec


In the beautiful scenery of Vysočina near the historical town Telc (UNESCO landmark) and 43 minutes away from Chateau Herálec, you can find an exclusive 18 hole golf course. This course of international parameters hosts the Czech PGA tour every year. It is built over 70 hectares in a slightly ‘rippled’ landscape full of deep forests, lakes, and fishponds.

18. hole master course, Par 72, length: men 6252 m, women 5214 m, golf school, 2 practice greens, practice bunker, driving range, large pro-shop, a golf equipment rental facility as well as an ultrasound pole cleanser.


Mon – Fri: 8 am – 8 pm

Driving range:

Mon: 9 am – 7 pm

Tue-Sat: 8 am – 7 pm

Sun: 8 am – 6 pm

Detailed information and complete service can be found at the reception. .


In Resort Konopiště you will find two master courses – the “Radecký Course” (PAR 72) and the newly built „D´Este Course“ (PAR 72). Further, a 9 hole “Public Course” (PAR 30) is offered to beginners and those interested in learning something more about golf.

“Radecký Course” – Master 18 hole course with PAR 72 and length of 6484 m from black (professional) teeing area is a challenge for all players. John Burns, the inspector of the European Association of Professional Golfers (EAPG) contributed to the birth of this course and František Štěpán took the position of the main greenkeeper. Thus, in cooperation with the European PGA, a very sensitively placed course with a very interest forest section, numerous bunkers, and water barriers but most of all very high quality maintained greens was created.

Those who do not have a ‘green card’ but would like to learn how to play can try a couple swings on the Public Course.

The resort is open depending on snow and climatic conditions.


Vysočina region is a hiking paradise!

All cycle paths (described in more detail in the Cycling section) are also available for traditional hiking. The nearly 17km long path to Fejtu’s Hill is amongst the most interesting of these. If you decide to take on this challenge, your hike will consist of a 16,5km trek with approximately 564m of terrain changes. We also have a truly excellent tip for passionate hikers – Zdarske vrchy, which are located not far from the castle. You will discover one of the most ecologically preserved areas in the Czech Republic, a fact that earned it its nickname the Green Heart. Nearly 60% of the area is covered in greenery, which is why in 25.05.1970 the area was declared environmentally protected. Hundreds of kilometers of trails weave through this land, suitable for both cycling and hiking.


Cycling belongs to the most popular sports to conduct in the neighborhood of Chateau Herálec

Our region is one of the ecologically cleanest areas in the Czech Republic, often called the Green Heart of the country. The entire area is filled by vast, slightly wavy hill ranges called the Moravian Highlands. Vysocina used to be the physical borderline between the Czech Republic and Moravia. Hilltops are covered by coniferous and mixed woods and rise to a height of around 700, 800 meters. Čejovský kopec or Fejtův vrch belong to the most popular trails that are surrounded not only by beautiful natural areas, but also archeological and historical monuments. Along these trails, you can find many crystal clear fishponds suitable for a quick dip.

We will equip you with a map including important information not only about the trails but also refreshment opportunities for your journey. There are overall 3 trails in the castle area, which can be extended onto the Žďárske vrchy.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding through the beautiful Vysocina landscape

Horseback riding through the beautiful Vysocina landscape is one of the most exciting activities we offer. Guests of all levels of expertise are welcome – from complete beginners to experienced riders. Here, we have ideal conditions for uninterrupted strolls around the forest under professional guidance. The path around the Boňko fishpond or the longer path towards the Zdislavsky fishpond are one of the most popular trails. During the winter, you can take a ride in horse-drawn sleds all the way to Ulrych Mill.

If you wish to book a horse riding trip, please contact our reception at least 1 week in advance.



We have prepared several opportunities to catch some fish

For lovers of fishing, we have prepared several opportunities to catch some fish in the nearby Hadina fishpond. 3 streams pour into the fishpond, two coming in from the town and one stemming from a nearby reservoir. During more dry summers, it can happen that the tank will only be supplied by water from the forest stream, making the water crystal clear. You can find sanders and carps, but also wild fish such as trouts. The Hadina fishpond is only a 10 minute car drive away from the castle.

Other private grounds, where you can try your luck fishing are:

7,6 km – Fishpond Hubertka

7,9 km – Pilský fishpond

8,2 km – Plíhalovský fishpond

13,1 km – Lights Above Sázavou-Horní…

18,2 km – Horní Okrouhlík

Information about fishing permits and rental possibilities is available at the reception.

Hot air Baloon ride

Romance or adrenaline?

This question will probably be answered differently by every person who has ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon. But anyone who finds it fun can’t give an answer other than “Both!” There are more artistic and poetic words to describe the experience, but they will never capture the real atmosphere of what you see when silently flying above the beautiful Vysocina landscape, seeing the colors of the sky and land change with every second. Whether you will spend your time in the air just enjoying the view or have a small air “picnic”, you will no doubt be satisfied and regret the smooth landing that came too soon.

We are more than willing to provide this experience for you, for more information please contact the reception.

ZOO Jihlava

ZOO Jihlava

The Jihlava Zoo is situated in the picturesque valley surrounding Jihlavka River, giving visitors a beautiful view of the water and surrounding meadows. At just 10 minute walk away from the town center, it is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. The “Zoo without bars” is home to around 150 rare species of animals, including 17 species classified in European breeding programs. The Zoo also specializes in raising and breeding felines, apes, and reptiles.

The TOP animals at the Zoo in Jihlava:

  • The smallest in the world: a subspecies of Sumatran tigers, a Malaysian bear, an otter, and monkey (Pygmy marmoset)
  • The biggest in the world: a giant red kangaroo and capybara
  • The greatest variety of marmosets and tamarins in the Czech Republic….

The first mention of the Jihlava ZOO is in 1957, in which based on the initiative of a couple local passionate individuals, a “zoo corner” was created. Only in 1982 was this “zoo corner” given the title ZOO by the Czech Ministry of Culture. Enlarged expositions, a couple smaller buildings, and technically perfectly equipped pavilions allow the visitors a wonderful experience independent of weather conditions. Great emphasis is placed on the aesthetic appearance, comfort and perfect service for the visitors. The unusual kid’s corner, a model of an African village or the summer restaurant and boutique have all contributed to the great reputation of the ZOO.

Through its focused and dedicated work, the Jihlava ZOO has become one of the top ZOOs in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

Brewery Bernard

It is remarkably the growing knowledge of wine and wineries that is becoming a more integrated part of social life in the Czech Republic. However, this nation has always been renowned for its mastery of brewery, being one of the ‘beer giants’. Let us then forget the already mentioned, more traditional wine, and enjoy an ice-cold glass of beer. Such that was brewed according to recipes from the Middle Ages or unpasteurized beer with a much stronger taste. One cannot but wonder what meal would taste best with it. The Bernard brewery in Humpolec is definitely the right place to discover all that beer has to offer.

Heralec Soccer


Only a five-minute walk from the castle you have the opportunity of engaging in an activity that will really get your blood pumping! If you love that magical second during which you, your team and all your fans scream “GOAL!!”, come play a game of soccer for Heralec! And the thought of some hotel wellness after a hard played game – what could be a more perfect combination?

Information about football reservation can be found at the reception.

Helicopter ride

Large dose of adrenaline

A hot air balloon ride is not the only opportunity you have to experience the Vysočina landscape from a bird’s view. Anyone who is interested in a much larger dose of adrenaline can try taking a ride in a helicopter! Even though the poetic element to the landscape can be pushed back a little, your pounding heart in the seconds you feel the strong helicopter’s engine roaring and flying off from our castle heliport definitely compensates.

Information about flight reservations can be found at the reception.


The feeling of a rising heartbeat

For those who love adrenaline filled experiences and the feeling of a racing heartbeat, we have prepared an interesting activity that definitely qualifies – aquazorbing!

It is definitely a unique experience to try what it is like to move on the surface of water. Let yourself be encased in a special plastic sphere filled with air and just enjoy yourself! Your adrenaline levels will be racing off the charts. This safe yet unique way of entertainment is ideal for both individual and team building fun. One climbs into the plastic casing through a special opening, after which the sphere is inflated and closed by a special zipper. After that, you are thrown into the water! The oxygen lasts up to 25-30 minutes. Yet only 5 minutes are enough for you to be completely exhausted as they are equivalent to 40 minutes in the gym.

We gladly prepare you everything needed to your adrenaline fun at the reception.

Nordic skiing

Nordic skiing through the countryside

With many various paths in the area available, you can experience unforgettable moments while Nordic skiing through the countryside. For passionate skiers, we offer multiple options, each with their own unique challenge. The designated paths lead not only around winter refreshment booths, where one can enjoy warm beverages and regain the needed energy but also around tourist attractive locations. The exit point is Heralec.


Length 21 km, terrain relief cca. 353 m, a map with the route can be found at the reception.


Nové Město na Moravě is an important ski resort for both Nordic and classic skiing. Every year it hosts important global competitions in Nordic skiing and biathlons, with Harsuv hill also offering a classic ski option.

The top of Harus Hill, 741m above sea level can be reached by a chair-lift. A ski school and small lift are available for children. Technical snowing of the slopes, night lighting, a spacious parking long and refreshments are all available. The area of Nove Mesto na Morave is paradise for Nordic skiers, with over 100 kilometers of touristic Nordic skiing trails.


Other than that we give a truly excellent tip for passionate hikers – Zdarske vrchy, which are located not far from the castle. You will discover one of the most ecologically preserved areas in the Czech Republic, a fact that earned it its nickname the Green Heart. Nearly 60% of the area is covered in greenery, which is why in 25.05.1970 the area was declared environmentally protected. Hundreds of kilometers of trails weave through this land, suitable for both cycling and hiking. Žďárské vrchy are also ideal for winter tourism, with 4 special Nordic skiing trails.

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