at Chateau Herálec
at Chateau Herálec
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Welcome to the boutique hotel Chateau Herálec!

We offer you the luxury of a five star boutique hotel, unique and sleek interior design and exclusive services in one of the most beautiful and romantic castles in the Czech Republic.

Castle All Inclusive Resort & Spa by L'OCCITANE

The entire ground floor of the southern wing is dedicated to your spa comfort and luxury relaxation. Under the original medieval arches laid with a silver glistening mosaic, you can find a private swimming pool with an adjacent resting area.


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Heart poems


We have included a truly exceptional book in our collection of chateau books. Heart poems was written and illustrated by Dagmar Šimková. A woman with the look of a girl, the power of a giant and the energy to give away. And a story that leaves no one cold.


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