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Welcome to the boutique hotel Chateau Herálec!

We offer you the luxury of a five star boutique hotel, unique and sleek interior design and exclusive services in one of the most beautiful and romantic castles in the Czech Republic.

Castle All Inclusive Resort & Spa by L'OCCITANE

The entire ground floor of the southern wing is dedicated to your spa comfort and luxury relaxation. Under the original medieval arches laid with a silver glistening mosaic, you can find a private swimming pool with an adjacent resting area.


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Chateau Herálec’s electric car charging station


For some time we have noticed that more and more of our clients have electric cars. To make their stay even more comfortable and pleasant we have built in the parking lot an electric charging station, which enable two cars to fully charge their vehicle. If the owners of the cars will need to charge their vehicle, they can safely leave it in the charging station and comfortably enjoy the hotel and relax. Upon your departure, you leave fully re-charged with energy and feeling refreshed with a prepared car.


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