Castle events

Events at Chateau Heralec

Are you preparing a conference in the near future? Is there a new product that you would like to introduce to your business partners in an unusual setting? Is it just that time of the year again where you want to teach your staff something new? Or would you like to thank your business partners for their cooperation and organize a company Christmas party, personal birthday party or even a wedding? Team buildings, outdoor events or intimate private events…  whatever your ideas and for an event may be, Chateau Herálec is the perfect event destination.

We offer comfort with the most modern technology, an unusual castle environment for conferences as well as a very representative space for social occasions. We want the organization of all conferences, meetings, workshops, social and outdoor events to be as easy as possible for you, so please do not hesitate to brief us with the details of your event and leave the organization to us.


For social events and private celebrations, we are more than willing to supply various supplementary services and entertainment – flowers, music, various artisans, musical performances, VIP service upon request, etc.

Our castle courtyard is perfect for bigger luxury events. We are capable of facilitating complete gastronomy and technical service to up to 70 people.

In case you have a concrete inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our Event Manager: