Castle Lady

Alexandra Kasperová

Even though you may not know the owner of Chateau Herálec, Alexandra Kasperová, personally, she is the head and heart of the project for the comprehensive structural and monumental restoration of Chateau Herálec, whose history began in 2004. When you arrive at Chateau Herálec and choose your luxury chateau rooms, you will feel Alexandra in many breathtaking details.

Her dedication may have been motivated by her responsibility to her aristocratic ancestors with Dutch and Russian roots. She was behind all the big decisions in the chateau renovation project, such as keeping and revealing the legacies of history, the layout itself, the generosity and charm of the interiors, the choice of artwork for all the rooms… And above all, you will feel the life she breathed into the romantic hotel so that you will always feel so good that you won’t want to leave.

Alexandra Kasper graduated in journalism and worked for several years as a domestic reporter at ČSTK. In 1993 she founded one of the first public relations agencies in Slovakia, Media In, s.r.o. Under her leadership, the agency won two of the most prestigious awards in the field of public relations: the IPRA Golden World Award for environmental campaigns for Slovnaft.

She was also at the birth of the successful project of the Business & Family Club Penati in Slovakia and is also involved in the management of one of the best golf resorts in Europe, Penati Golf Resort. She has been happily married for 30 years and together with her husband Jan Kasper, they are significant support to each other not only in the large family circle but also form a strong working tandem within the family business. They both believe that their vision of a strong family business based on mutual respect, hard work, and a huge commitment of intellect and heart will be shared by their 4 children Valentina, Karolína, Jan, and Alexandra, and in the third generation their grandchildren Luna and Elio.

Chateau Heralec is a challenge, both from a creative and a managerial point of view. This project managed to encompass and connect all the things I have learned in my professional career. And most importantly, it is a concentrated positive experience: so many skilled, motivated and hardworking people contributed to the success of the project! Their imprint is visible everywhere in the castle and it is the most valuable thing that I take away from this project. However, a great challenge stands in front of me and our new team: to breathe life into this beautiful object so that all its visitors will feel absolutely at home in it. We are looking forward to your visit!

Alexandra Kasperová

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