Castle Lady

Alexandra Kasperová

Usually, the owners of castle hotels, are unknown to the public, veiled by mystery. This is not our case. Although you may not know the owner of Chateau Herálec Boutique Hotel & Spa by L’Occitane, Alexandra Kasperova personally, she is the one person that has stood behind the entire project, from its beginnings in the year 2004 to today. When you visit Chateau Heralec and choose from one of its beautiful rooms, you will definitely feel the presence of Alexandra in all the beautiful detail work. Her passion and dedication to this project were no doubt motivated by her own aristocratic roots, based in the Netherlands and Russia. She is the person that stood behind all the big decision in the project’s reconstruction – from deciding what historical elements to preserve and which to get rid of, the entire layout of the grounds, the spaciousness and grace of the interior decor to choosing the various artworks for all the rooms. Most of all, you will feel the life that she breathed into this castle, making you feel so at home you won’t want to leave. You too can live out your dreams at Chateau Heralec.

Alexandra Kasperova studied journalism and worked for several years as a domestic news reporter at ČSTK. In 1993, she established one of the first public relations companies in Slovakia, Media In, s.r.o., which today continues to successfully wade through the waters of the marketing communication market, representing the global network Cohn&Wolfe. Under her leadership, the company twice received the most prestigious award in the area of public relations: the IPRA Golden World Award for the company’s ecological campaign for company Slovnaft.

She also stood at the birth of the successful project Business & Family Club Penati in Slovakia. She is happily married for 29 years now, creating not only a strong couple with her husband Jan Kasper but also a very dynamic and hard-working business partnership. Both believe that their vision of a strong family business based on mutual respect, hard work and passion will be carried on by their four children Valentina, Karolina, Jan, and Alexandra.

Chateau Heralec is a challenge, both from a creative and a managerial point of view. This project managed to encompass and connect all the things I have learned in my professional career. And most importantly, it is a concentrated positive experience: so many skilled, motivated and hardworking people contributed to the success of the project! Their imprint is visible everywhere in the castle and it is the most valuable thing that I take away from this project. However, a great challenge stands in front of me and our new team: to breathe life into this beautiful object so that all its visitors will feel absolutely at home in it. We are looking forward to your visit!

Alexandra Kasperová