Gift Certificate


Gentlemen, its time to relax.  

Are you planning on throwing a bachelor party or going away for a couple of days with your boys in style? How about an extended weekend at the chateau in the company of your best friends? This is the perfect opportunity to return to ‘the good old days’- spending one-day backpacking in the Vysočina nature, either by foot or on our mountain bikes, the next day riding around in our stylish convertible, cruising around the many historical sites in the area or going to play a game of golf in the nearby Telč or Konopište. Or perhaps going fishing, horseback riding or hunting? Plenty of activities to choose from. Our Spa&Wellness ENERGY is also at your disposal, perfect for switching off from the outside world and just relaxing. In the evening, a game of poker or chess awaits you in our Lord’s Salon, as well as amazing wines and cigars, our delicious castle cuisine… All in all, a luxurious ‘stag party’ according to your liking. All this and more is encompassed in our “WEEKEND STAG PARTY” gift certificate.

The “WEEKEND STAG PARTY” gift certificate in the value of 42 900 CZK includes:

  • Accommodation for 3 people for 2 nights in our stylish rooms – Autumn in the Park, Under the Bridge and Boat on the Pond (every guest has their own room)
  • Healthy breakfast from predominantly local Vysocina products
  • Unlimited access to the castle Wellness & Spa by L´OCCITANE (relaxing in the orangery, steam sauna, dry Finnish sauna, herbal Swedish sauna, jacuzzi in the castle turret, pool under historical arches, fitness studio with skilled personnel)
  • 1x Friday night dinner in the restaurant HONORIA – an exclusive tasting menu of Lord Trcka from Lipa for 3 people
  • 1x dinner in the restaurant HONORIA in a total value 3 000 CZK for 3 people

The following things are included in the price of accommodation

  • Rental of the castle cabrio Mercedes Benz E-Class (season April- October)- you do not pay any rental fees, only a symbolic price per kilometer in the value of 11,- CZK (0,45 EUR) is charged
  • Golf simulator
  • Rental of fantastic bikes, Nordic walking sticks or other sports equipment
  • Unrestricted access to the castle park, library with a functional fireplace and chapel of St. Anne
  • Directly in your rooms, you can find a fitness mat + special gym-stick with various techniques on relaxing the back and entire body that you can use in your room or take it with you to our castle park
  • “Magical Road through the Park” – a small booklet with a map of the park and interesting information about the flora and fauna living in it
  • “Chronicles of Experience” with inspiration on free time activities in the castle and nearby areas

You can order a “WEEKEND STAG PARTY” certificate by sending an email to the address reception@chateauheralec.com.

Please include the name of the intended recipient of the gift certificate, as well as the delivery address. In case you wish for the gift certificate to be delivered to the address of the gift recipient, include that one. In case you wish to give the gift certificate personally, please include your address.