Dream Wedding in the Castle Chateau Herálec

The secret dream of many women is to get married like a true princess.In the dream, she ascends a beautiful and wide stone staircase in her gorgeous wedding dress towards her wedding chamber with the man she loves…

This dream can be a reality for all that choose to spend their wedding day at Chateau Heralec! Even during the reconstruction, we kept the thought of hosting the most beautiful weddings on the premises of the hotel in mind. We offer the option of having your wedding ceremony in the beautifully revitalized English park from the 18th century, in the privacy of the castle atrium or directly inside the castle – whether in the restored Chapel of St. Anne or in the noble Rose Salon. Based on your ideas and wishes, and with the help of our castle wedding coordinator, we can prepare a beautiful wedding day that you and your guests will never forget.

Ceremony in the Chapel of st. Anne

Ceremony in the Chapel of st. Anne

Choosing the chapel of St. Anne as the place for your wedding ceremony means choosing the ‘heart’ of Chateau Heralec. The chapel was the source of most of the interior decor inspirations used. Both a civil as well as a church ceremony is possible in the chapel, as it has been consecrated. Dominated by the breathtaking restored fresco from the 18th century, the chapel was destined to be a very dignified place for saying ‘yes’ to your loved one. Let us not forget to mention the beautiful stained glass windows, emanating an almost holy light into the chapel, with motives of angels and the saints sparkling on the floor. The spirituality of the place is only highlighted by the simple yet beautiful handmade steel cross, forged by artist David Szalay.

Ceremony in the Castle Park

Ceremony in the Castle Park

Many of the engaged couples that have visited us were taken away by the breathtaking beauty of our castle park. When the weather permits, opting to go for the natural essence of green pastures and beautiful old majestic trees as the background for your wedding is truly magical. To say your vows under the canopies of 300-year-old trees is quite an experience. We have had several guest testimonies saying it was the most beautiful wedding day they’ve seen.

If you choose to rent the entire capacity of the castle for your wedding day, you can also hold the wedding ceremony directly in our castle courtyard. Its intimate atmosphere and beauty are impeccable. A clean grassy square plane, stone pavement, majestic castle stone walls – like a scene out of a romantic movie. The pathway leading into the beautiful castle park at the back end of the courtyard is the perfect one for newlyweds to take their first steps into married life on.

Wedding Suites

Wedding Suites at Chateau Heralec

For the most important night of their lives, the wedding couple can choose our King’s Suite Lords Trcka from Lipa or our Presidential Suit Lords from Solms. Although very different from one another, both of these suites offer unbelievable spaciousness and the nobility of times gone by. You will find restored frescos, original wooden ceiling decor as well a beautiful historical stove.

The King´s Suite Lords Trcka from Lipa with an area of 139 m² is the largest castle suite. It is named after one of the most powerful Czech clans – the Trckas from Lipa. Once upon a time governors of the Vysocina regions, they were rumored to be so wealthy that even the kings borrowed money from them. So enter this magical fairytale with its beautiful mosaic floors, original stove and wooden ceiling decor. The room can be connected with the neighboring Grande Double Room De Luxe Lords from Roupov. Once connected, the two rooms add up to a staggering 214 m²!

The Presidential Suite Lords from Solms with an area of 131 m² is also a unique space with the captivating and highly detailed decor. An almost levitating circular light hangs below the ceiling, discretely shining light upon the ‘angelic’ fresco. The fresco was installed in the room using a special tapestry technique. The room also features original doors made from linden tree wood, a beautiful bedroom facing the English park and an absolutely unique bathroom located in the southern turret. The discovery of a medieval bath in the flooring inspired us to use it in a completely new, modern way so that even the most demanding guest can enjoy a combination of the old and new.

Other than the above-mentioned “wedding” suites, we have 17 luxurious rooms available for your guests – 7 exclusive and spacious suites and 10 double rooms with beautiful views of our park. Thanks to the creative approach of the owner, each room tells it’s own story. All the rooms are named after a painting from the local gallery in Vysocina, whose replicas you can find cleverly installed in the rooms.

Wedding Catering

Various locations in the castle are suitable for catering services at your wedding.

Foremostly, it is the beautiful and noble Hall of Ancestors where you can enjoy a celebratory lunch or dinner with a maximum capacity of 60 people comfortably seated. However, we always advise a smaller number of guests to maintain an intimate atmosphere. Classic seating arrangements are available as well as banquet style seating. Our large circular tables look especially beautiful under the old historical arches.

In the northern wing of the castle, you can find our castle restaurant, Honoria. This option is available for wedding catering only if the entire castle is rented for the purposes of the wedding. Two spacious dining halls are located in the restaurant, as well as our beautiful bar & coffee area Agasia and the very intimate Salon in the Turret. Breakfast and dinner are classically served in this area. During the summer months, it is possible to dine directly in the castle courtyard which has a stunning view of our English park.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for a dream wedding at Chateau Heralec

Conditions for weddings at Chateau Heralec are agreed upon with the clients on an individual basis. We offer a time-limited offer to every couple that shows interest, but it is important that these rules are respected. To prepare a starting offer for you, we need a detailed briefing from you. We are always prepared to discuss everything in more detail and dedicate as much time to the organization as necessary. When planning a wedding at Chateau Heralec, we point out that the most important thing is to check at the local registry office in Havlickuv Brod if they have a free opening at your chosen date, so that you can be sure that the ceremony can take place directly at the castle. We will gladly check if there is an opening there for you, as well as make the needed reservation, however, all further steps needed to secure a fixed reservation must be taken by the couple themselves.

Wedding Coordinator

Your Wedding Coordinator

Your wedding is as important to us, as it is to you. If you are considering having your wedding at the Chateau Heralec castle, the most important thing to note is having a clear idea of when you want the wedding to take place. When it comes to a civil ceremony, we will inquire about your chosen dates at our local registry office and prepare an offer for you. If you do choose Chateau Heralec as the location for your wedding, our experiences have shown that it is best to reserve a date and time at the registry office in Havlickuv Brod as soon as possible. After completing this task, together we will no doubt prepare a wonderful program and take care of all the details necessary.

Do not hesitate to write us your ideas and inspirations. We will be very pleased to meet with you personally; all you have to do us arrange a meeting in advance. There, we can discuss everything in detail and you can take a look at all the beautiful spaces in the castle to get a clearer picture of what is best for you.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

We look forward to meeting you!

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