Castle Gifts

Chateau Heralec Gift Collection

The symbol of Chateau Herálec became a rose that the attentive visitor will find on the coats of arms on the castle walls. In the 19th century, the enlightened stonemason was carved in stone in a graphically modern design. The roses were once part of the coat of arms of the Count of Trauttmansdorff.

The five-petalled rose with silver and red represents the value you will definitely recognize when visiting the castle in Herálec. This colorful combination, as well as the Herálec, rose symbol, can be found in many creative forms in our exceptional gift collection Chateau Herálec.

So be inspired by our gallery of castle gifts. Choose the one that will be closest to your heart, as a reminder of visiting this magical place, or as a reminder for your loved ones.

Tikoki sneakers for Chateau Herálec

Cheerful and absolutely original are our new castle sneakers! When we found the brand Tikoki and found out that young and ambitious people are behind it and they will be able to make sneakers for us, that emphasize our brand qualities, we knew we need them right away. Our sneakers are based around our logo „The Herálec rose “, which you can find in some form in all four designs. They are available for you to buy directly at the hotel and we cannot imagine this year’s summer without them! Did we inspire you?

Castle Jewelry


Unique castle jewelry for exceptional women

The Silver Collection of Chateau Herálec was created in collaboration with the famous designer Lea Fekete. In the designs of silver jewelry, which once was showcased around the castle, brought harmony and energy to the castle. The silver heraldic roses and the red Czech garnet, the sparkling crystal or the opalescent moonstone become a part of the Herálec castle in a creative way.

Each jewel is unique and handmade. Silver pendants can also be seen on the window blinds in your room or, for example, you can see them on red velvet components with information about the castle, including our tied chronicle in the lobby.

With this wonderful gift, you will be please every woman.

Castle Glass

There are lots of details that make us extraordinary. It is certainly our unique castle glass, which was created in cooperation with the art glassmaker Anton Strbáň.

Just at Herálec Castle, you can enjoy great wines made from heavy, handmade glassware filled with crushed crystal, on a slender red stem. Beautifully shaped cups ideally keep the aroma of rare wines, the colors just sparkle… Water and non-alcoholic drinks are served in colored stained glasses. Special rainbow-colored crags are found on our cocktail glasses and you can taste a long drink or caffe latte from the glasses with an interesting bayonet snake.

At Christmas, the chateau is adorned in detail by elaborate Christmas Lounges in the shape of a variety of candies. In the winter months, the Honoria Castle Restaurant will raise glass icicles hanging from chandeliers. Their perfect execution often misleads the guests, looking like they are right when you expect to start melting at any moment.

In our collection, you will also find a collection of handmade glass eggs. You will appreciate the cheerful decoration not only on Easter.

In the showcase at the reception, the original green or the glass of glass can be beautifully excerpted, which you can also buy in memory of your stay at Chateau Herálec.

House Wine

If you decide to make the wine lovers happy, the castle wine will be a clear choice when choosing a gift.

The list of wines from our wine card is really fabulous. There are countries from all over the world. You will also be interested in a selection of Czech wines, which is the result of cooperation with the best Moravian winemakers. But what distinguishes us and makes us really exceptional is our extensive collection of Bordeaux wines. You can choose from more than 100 French castles and chateaux. The collections are represented not only by the classic Bordeaux selection – Saint Emilion, Pomerol, Pauillac, Pessac-Leognan, Margaux, Saint Julien, Saint Estephe – but also satellite areas such as Cotes de Bourg and Cotes de Castilion. All this from 1990 to 2013.

A beautiful gift is undoubtedly our castle cuvée – Chateau Clou du Pin. The wine we selected for you in Bordeaux is specially bottled for Chateau Heralec.


Gourmet Line

In our gift collection of the Gourmet Line, you will find products from local suppliers who produce and supply local specialties to us. And also delicacies that we prepare for you right in the castle kitchen. Below we list the best.

Organic honey from Herálec

Mr. Brabenec directly from Herálec produces excellent forest and paste honey. He has been producing honey for decades with love and passion and its taste is so good. Gilded honey is beautifully yellow, has beneficial effects and is rightly considered the best and best quality honey at all. Forest honey again captivates you with a beautiful golden color and a unique light taste.

Delicious chocolate from Vyskytné

From the family chocolate factory in Vyskytna near Jihlava, we collect unique chocolate truffles and broken chocolate. Every evening, we serve a praline on the bedside table in the room. If you like to taste other types, you can also buy the Sweet Delight from Chateau Herálec at the reception desk. There are also chunks of broken chocolates with flavors. Every mule is really coming to its own – the cones contain bitter, milk and white chocolate with unusual types of sprinkles.

Excellent cheeses from Mrs. Brodin from Úhořilky

Farm Ma-Ma produces some of the best cow’s cheese in Vysočina. Surely try their great pudding – steamed cheese in wax. Not only will your children appreciate the excellent creamy yogurts that are available in several flavors. And their cottage cheese? It’s guaranteed to be the best in the world! It does not matter at all that you have to use it up very quickly due to the durability, you will not resist and eat it immediately.

Dried high-quality fruit

Mrs. Kubova from Třebíč is preparing another jewel for us – dried fruits from Vysočina fruit. Apple, pears, plums, apricots and cherries, we offer our guests as a healthy snack in the Chateau Herálec cones.

Castle biscuits

They are so good and therefore so popular … Chateau biscuits are prepared for you with various variations. Try them with dried fruit, chocolate or nuts. Serve them together with coffee or tea. Moreover, you will receive them from us as a little thank you upon your departure, even with instructions for your own preparation!

Crispy homemade grissini and bake rolls

Who does not like crunchy snacks that you can eat at any time? Try them as a tasty snack. Our homemade grissini and bake rolls are also healthy. The basic raw material is high-quality flour from the Střížov family mill and castle herbs from our kitchen garden “Le Potager”. Grissini is prepared with rosemary and bake rolls with herbal oil.

Of course, gourmet lines are served with various seasonal delicacies. Every summer you can enjoy delicious marmalades in various variations, unmatched homemade ketchup made from the most mature tomatoes, mushrooms from the Chateau park… The ultimate delicacy is our terrines and pates. With the advent of the beginning, we can not forget the excellent homemade candy and egg liqueur.


Garden Collection

When you go for a stroll through our chateau park, stop for a moment. Climb into the crowns of our centuries-old trees and feel the scents around you. The original historical roses that underline the harsh beauty of the castle walls, the aromatic butterfly, the refreshing peppermint, the delicate lavender and many other types of herbs from our gardens, can be taken home in a form of a fragrance bag.

In the colder months, you will definitely appreciate our castle tea blends produced by Mrs. Hunal for us. Teas for the cold, headache, castle linden or life repair are best enjoyed with home-made honey from Mr. Brabenec from Herálec.

Our Garden Collection is also newly enriched with a bay leaf collected by the castle lady in the garden of a family villa in sunny Italy. Enjoy its unmistakable aroma and taste in your kitchen as well!

Luxury blankets from sheep wool

These luxurious soft and warm blankets, will blow you away, after the first touch. They are woven from 100% sheep wool. With love and sentiment for detail, the Kubák family produces these wool blankets in Strmilov in Vysočina, which has been weaving for 6 generations. Traditional handmade production, work with exclusively natural materials, production on the original preserved state, but above all long-standing family traditions and experience, give these wonderful decks a distinction of excellence.

Together with Filip Kubák, the youngest promise of a family business, we have created up to 5 designs of large-sized blankets that will be cut out in any interior. Every handkerchief revives handcrafted fringes, and the whole family comfortably enters it. Do not hesitate to try them in our castle rooms where they are available to you.

Enjoy the quality of the highest class that not only keeps you warm but also enjoys its beauty.

BIO pillow, which heals…

Dreaming of a good night sleep, who would not dream of it… We believe, we fulfilled this dream thanks to our unique pillow menu. However, to sleep beautifully at home, we have prepared for you a unique BIO pillow that also heals.

This fragrance cushion contains a filling of natural spelled bowls that have great micro massage and accumulation properties and have a positive effect on muscle relaxation, perfectly adapted to your cervical spine. Thanks to its strength and shape, the mutual touch of the skewers allows the air to flow, making the pillow airy and creating a pleasant climate for quality sleep.

The pillow is pleasantly soft, with a fragile scent which will quickly bring you to sleep. It’s definitely worth the sweet dreams…

L’Occitane cosmetics

When you enjoy moments of well-deserved relaxation during a massage or beauty treatment at our L’Occitane Wellness & Spa, the ubiquitous fragrance of L’Occitane Cosmetics pours into your memory. Combining iconic ingredients from the Mediterranean with this unique cosmetics with traditional massage procedures guarantee an exceptionally relaxing experience. Enjoy this moment of well deserved relaxation and sensual delight long after it’s over…

You can also buy L’Occitane Cosmetics at Chateau Herálec without having to visit a specialized store. Angelika, refreshing Verbena, a grown line of Shea Butter, caressing Strawberry, fragrance Lavender, Rose or Cherry Blossom, or an energizing Men’s Cedar Collection and many other products you can view and then buy in our Wellness & Spa by L’Occitane.