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Luxury Castle Restaurant Honoria

The menu of the Restaurant Honoria

To satisfy even the most avid culinary aficionados, we decided to introduce the concept of a unique and delicious tasting menu that draws upon both seasonal and local ingredients. Changing every four months, it is a unique gourmet experience for all. Do not miss this incredibly delicious experience!

Our tasting menu is served for both our hotel and guests from outside only until 19:30 every day. Of course, our complete restaurant a la carte menu where you can find excellent food inspired by Czech cuisine is available to all our guests. Recommended dress code for all our guests at the restaurant is smart casual, during evening hours.

Breakfast is served from 8:00 until 10:30 and the price of breakfast is included in the price of the room for our hotel guest. For non-hotel guests, we charge 440,- CZK for our a la carte menu selection. Guests can enjoy our snack menu from 12:00 until 16:00.

Bon appetit!

In case you will be interested in reserving a table in our castle restaurant, please do not hesitate to contact our F&B Manager Stanislav Prokop.

Tel.:+420 730 103 523
E-mail: stanislav.prokop@chateauheralec.com

or contact the reception at:

Tel.: +420 596 669 111 / +420 734 822 640
Reception: reception@chateauheralec.com

Opening hours of our restaurant Honoria for accommodated guests:
  • Breakfast >>> 8:00 – 10:30
  • Lunch >>> 12:00 – 16:00
  • Dinner >>> 18:00 – 22:00
Opening hours of our restaurant Honoria for guests from outside
  • Lunch >>> 12:00 – 16:00
  • Dinner >>> 18:00 – 22:00

Our head chef


Restaurant Honoria Menu

Tasting Menu

Our head chef

Michael Zapalač, Head Chef of restaurant Honoria, Chateau Herálec, Boutique Hotel & Spa by L’Occitane

What brought Michal to cooking, was curiosity! He worked at a place, where according to him they cooked to a high-class standard, so he decided to start learning. His ambition to know more brought him to university, but after five semesters he gave it up: studying and working in the kitchen full time did not come together. As he says frankly, he still enjoys it. He perceives a high gastronomy as a discovery path, often hectic, but madly inspirational.

He came to Chateau Herálec as an experienced chef, but after 2 years he left and collected further experience in Prague, Germany, and the USA. Eventually, he returned to the castle and today he and his team are cooking honest Czech cuisine. He loves French techniques, often laborious recipes. He claims, however, that honesty simply pays off in the kitchen. In our kitchen, we cook from local ingredients, and from our own vegetable and herb gardens, in the greenhouse, or in the field under the granary. We bake our own pastries, cakes, and bread, and Michal would like to give his successor once. Maybe in this beautiful family project, the quack will become a symbol of something that can last for generations.

Like any great chef, Michal is a workaholic. Asked what was the biggest reward for him after a hard day: “Definitely satisfied guests who enjoyed the food we served. Then in the evening, I go sit on my balcony with a bottle of beer and say to myself, “What a great evening!”


Egg dishes

Fried egg3

Scrambled eggs (with or without onions)3,7

Omelette with spinach3

Omelette with mushrooms3

Ham and cheese omelette3,7

Ham and eggs3

Roasted bacon with eggs3

Choice of ham, salami, and cheese

Hunter’s salami

Vysocina salami

Castle ham

Salami selection

Eidam cheese7

Kaškaval – Lokal steamed cheese7

Goat cheese7

Cheese selection7

Castle sausages10

Roasted bacon


Fruits and pastries

Fruit salad



Breakfast specials

Trout gravlax with dill

Butter and jam

Jam of your selection (strawberry, apricot, blueberry)

Fresh butter


Choice of cereals

Corn flakes1

Muesli from Jan´s furnace1

Oat flakes1

Semolina pudding, oatmeal

Semolina pudding with cinnamon1,7,11

Semolina pudding with chocolate1,7,11  

Oatmeal with butter and raisins1,7,11  

Restaurant Honoria Menu

“Poor”, “potato region” is the name that categorizes Vysočina.

Quite often our hilly part of Czech Republic is named like this. Always when I hear someone call it by one of these names, I right away disagree!

I have lived here for several years and I know all the raw materials that come from the fields, farms and i understand this is something we should treasure this.

 The richness of our “poor” region, we are trying to bring to you on your plate.

In this year, autumn menu you can get a taste of all the ingredients that we harvested, dried, cultivated, picked, loaded and stored.

All the ingredients we try to serve in the best state, so they are appealing to the eye, your taste buds and your stay at restaurant Honoria is memorable.

From our autumn menu, we would recommend everything J.

 However, if I had to pick one of the appetizers, definitely taste the smoked pork ham á la Russian egg, delicious soup made from best trout from our fisherman Mr. Nikl followed by wild boar leg roasted in milk, according to an old recipe from my grandmother’s cookbook.

If you will still have some space for a dessert, do not miss out on a traditional apple tart, with a little autumn jacket.

Bon appétit!

Michael Zapalač, Chef de Cuisine Chateau Herálec

* with the dishes, we serve couvert for CZK 40 / person – herb butter from the farm of the  Němec family and homemade bread baked from flour from the Střížov family mill  

* gluten-free couvert for 60 CZK / person

* allergens contained in individual dishes are listed at the end of the menu


Pork ham, potato salad, homemade sausage, egg, trout caviar3,7,9,10

Marinated trout, root vegetables, cabbage, mayonnaise, chips1,3,4,9,10

Beetroot variation, nuts, goat cheese croquettes, pickled apple3,7,8

Potato ravioli filled with pork knuckle, cabbage, lard, apples, onion, pork chips, caraway demi-glace1,3,7,9


Pumpkin cream, pumpkin salad, crème fraiche7,9

Chicken broth with meat ravioli, julienne vegetable1,3,9

Fish soup from trout, fish croquettes, herbs, root vegetables, potatoes3,4,7,9

Main course

Rib-eye steak, gratin potatoes, celery, champignon, shallot, pepper sauce7,9

Wild boar leg, potato, pumpkin, beetroot, fennel, horseradish sauce1,4,7

Confit duck leg with baked breast, potato gnocchi, red cabbage with apple1,3,7,9

Saddle of fallow deer, parsnip, celery, beetroot, brussels sprouts,Madeira wine sauce1,3,7,9

Lamb shank, carrot, spinach, onion, cucumber, lamb jus, bbq sauce9,10

Chicken breast from bio farm of the family Němec, pumpkin risotto, amaretti, sage, pumpkin seeds1,3,7,8,9

Pan-roast filet from trout, pumpkin purée, turnip, chanterelle, zucchini, carrot, celery, demi-glace1,4,7,9,10

Home-made pasta, mushrooms, arugula, tomato, cheese from Krasolesí1,3,7

Ravioli stuffed with homemade ricotta, spinach, pumpkin, yolk, nuts, parmesan1,3,7,8



Romaine lettuce with crunchy croutons and chicken meat from the Němec family farm, bacon chips1,3,7,10

Mixed lettuce salad, oranges, root vegetables, nuts, Kaškaval cheese, citrus dressing7,8,9

Children’s menu

Chicken fillet, mashed potatoes7

Pasta with tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese1,3,9


Pumpkin pie, salty caramel, orange ice cream, raisins, fresh fruit1,3,7

Traditional Czech egg yolk cookies, eggnog, chocolate, meringue1,3,7,8

Apple, beer pastry, cream, vanilla ice cream1,3,7,8

Selection of home-made ice cream3,7


1) Cereals containing gluten 8) Nuts and products thereof
2) Crustaceans and products thereof 9) Celery and products thereof
3) Eggs and products thereof 10) Mustard and products thereof
4) Fish and products thereof 11) Sesame seeds (sesame) and products thereof
5) Groundnuts (peanuts) and products thereof 12) Sulphur dioxide and sulfites
6) Soybeans (soya) and products thereof 13) Bluebonnet (lupine) and products thereof
7) Milk and products thereof 14) Molluscs and products thereof

Degustation Menu of Trčka Lord from Lípa

Cold appetizer

Pork ham, potato salad, homemade sausage, egg, trout caviar

(Dominique blanc de noirs, Kamil Prokeš winery)


Hot appetizer

Potato ravioli filled with pork knuckle, cabbage, lard, apples, onion, pork chips, caraway demi-glace

(Ryzlink vlašský 2016, Fabig winery)



Pumpkin cream, pumpkin salad, crème fraiche

(Neuburg Blanc 2018, Bílkovi winery)



    Beetroot variation, nuts, goat cheese croquettes, pickled apple

(Frankovka 2017, Fabig winery)


Main course

Saddle of fallow deer, parsnip, celery, beetroot, brussels sprouts,Madeira wine sauce

(Le Volte dell’Ornellaia 2016, Tenuta dell’Ornellaia winery)



Traditional Czech egg yolk cookies, eggnog, chocolate, meringue

(Ben Ryé 2015, Donnafuggata winery)

1 350, – CZK without wines / 2 250,- CZK with wines

The price corresponds to one-third portions

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