The Heralec castle offers a wide range of activities fit for both businesses and private clientele. The castle has so much to offer when it comes to conference, meeting & social event spaces. In the Premises List section, you can find the entire list of spaces within the castle fit for various occasions. Choose the space that you like best, not only based on its capacity, but also its unique atmosphere.

In the various sub-sections, you can find a detailed description of our premises, their capacity, equipment, as well as other relevant and crucial information for organizing both business and private events.

You can also find the contact details of our Events Manager that is fully at your disposal if you have any questions or enquiries.

Premises and Capacity

Premises and Capacity at Chateau Heralec
  • Ancestor’s Hall /155 m²/
  • Entrance Hall /215m²/
  • Restaurant Honoria – Dining Hall Before the Storm /53m²/
  • Restaurant Honoria – Dining Hall of Lady from Selemberk /56m²/
  • Restaurant Honoria – Salon in the Turret /20m²/
  • Cafe Agasia /64m²/
  • Bar /119m²/
  • Wine Cellar of Bishop John /121m²/
  • Rose Salon of the Lords from Regal /68 m²/
  • Gentlemen’s Salon of Oldřich from Říčany /47 m²/
  • Oratory of the 4 Saints /33m²/
  • Chapel of St. Anne /52m²/
  • Library with fireplace – On the Meadow with Trees /274m²/

Conferences, seminars, workshops:

Theatre School Panel (behind one table)
Ancestor’s Hall 75 55 60
Rose Salon 50 25 25
Gentlemen’s Salon 30 20 20

Catering, parties, social events:

Theatre School Buffet Style
Ancestor’s Hall 75 50 50
Entrance Hall 75 50 50
Restaurant Honoria:
Dining Hall of Lady from Selmberk
0 20 20
Restaurant Honoria:
Hall Before the Storm
0 20 20
Restaurant Honoria:
Cafe Agasia
0 13 13
Restaurant Honoria:
Salon in the Turret
0 6 6
0 25 25
Winery of Bishop John 50 48 48
Rose salon 50 25 25
Gentlemen’s Salon 30 20 20
Oratory 0 12 12
Chapel of St. Anne 40 20 20
Castle with fireplace 60 30 30
Courtyard 100 50 100
Castle park according to need according to need according to need


We are well prepared for all events at Chateau Heralec

All of the most basic equipment necessary for any event is available – data projectors, large-scale projection screen, laptop. Standard flip-charts are also available.

If you are planning a private event at Chateau Heralec, we will always do our best to fulfill all of your wishes. For weddings in the castle park, we have special stylish wooden chairs with black metal framework. The ceremonial tables were hammered from black metal by artist David Szalay. The same unique craft went into our interior furniture made and holstered by local Vysocina artisans. The pieces are so beautiful that we think they need no further decorations. In any case, we are capable of accommodating all your wishes to your utmost satisfaction.

Just check our LIST OF PREMISES, choose those you like most and we will arrange all the rest.

Terms and Conditions

We discuss the conditions of every event at Chateau Heralec on an individual basis

We discuss the conditions of every event at Chateau Heralec on an individual basis. Each client is sent a time-limited offer – it is important that this deadline is respected. For preparing an offer, we need a detailed brief from your side, following a mutual discussion to perfect any details.

Parking Space

45 parking spaces

Even though we reconstructed Chateau Heralec as a national cultural heritage, we equipped the castle and its surroundings with all the comfort one needs. We did this in a way that did not disturb and endanger the romantic atmosphere of the surrounding English park. In the part of the English park that was once an agricultural building, we built a large parking lot. Sensitively placed into the surrounding nature, it offers 45 parking spaces for all our guests. Around the lot you can find tens of rose bushes, cherry laurels and several exotic trees.


For those who prefer helicopter transport, a heliport is available right on the grounds of the castle. The conditions of landing on our heliport must be consulted in advance with the hotel reception.