Luxury Double Room
Lords of Roupov

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Luxury Double Room
Lords of Roupov

Room Size75 m2

The Luxury Double Room ‘Lords of Roupov’ piques interest not only due to its generous size of a cosy apartment and its luxurious equipment but also for its name. Kryštof Karel bought the Herálec castle in 1602 from the Trčko clan, but his Roupov based family had already been influencing life in the Czech countryside for 300 years prior to the purchase. Many of the family members were acquainted with Czech kings, were it as the head clerk, court governor or the most influential finance ministers. While the often dramatic moments in history remain a memory, the comfort of this beautiful deluxe room decorated by the landscape of Václava Kroupa’s painting remains.

If joined with King’s Suite Lords Trčka from Lípa the apartments comprise an incredible area of 214 m2.