Taking Care of You

The success of the hotel project today is definitely a factor of excellence. The top quality in the beautiful setting of this historical site, generousness and attention to details, as well as the absolutely unique design. This all characterizes Chateau Herálec as a place where dreams come true.

That would not be enough, however, if we could not offer our clients even the first-class service that reflects our staff. People who really care about their work make it their heart and wish to be part of this beautiful project. People who are friendly and at all times ready to be here for our guest…

  • At the reception, you will be welcomed and get all the to answers to your questions – Jana, Tereza, Maruška, Marie, Jolana and Jakub
  • A glass of delicious Prosecco for greetings and excellent service in the restaurant will offer you – Aneta, Martina, Roman, Tomáš, František, and Standa
  • Excellent delicacies and gourmet specialties are the results of the work of the team in the chateau kitchen, led by Michal, Mirka, Lenka, Katka, and Jirka.There are three Martin’s in the kitchen, which is the most popular name in the castle.
  • One of the basic attributes of our hotel is the careful arrangement provided by Dana, Eva, Liba, Simona and their team of assistants
  • Expert advice and providing all services to your utmost satisfaction in our castle wellness will be provided by Eva, Katka, and Aleš
  • Our beautiful English park and maintenance is then taken care of by Libor, the heraldic grandmothers, the castle lady and her husband and everything is commanded by Ondra castle gardener.

Our priority is that our guests always feel exceptional and are satisfied. Your satisfaction is our success and motivation!


I am truly proud of everyone who works here because they put so much energy and heart into their work. It is really visible and our guests truly appreciate it. We will gladly keep on taking good care of you.

Alexandra Kasperová, owner & general manager