Taking Care of You

The success of a hotel project today is definitely determined by the uniqueness factor. Offering top quality in the beautiful surroundings of this historic site, generosity and thoughtful details, but also absolutely unique design… All this characterizes Chateau Herálec as a place where dreams become reality.

However, this would not be enough if we could not also offer our clients first-class accommodation services, which are a reflection of our staff. People who really care about their work, do it with their hearts and wish to be part of this beautiful project. People who are helpful and ready to be there for our guests at any moment and make their stay at the castle more enjoyable.

  • Jana, Maruška, Marie, Jolana, Pavlinka, and Jakub will welcome you at the reception and answer all your questions.
  • A glass of delicious Prosecco to welcome you and great service in the restaurant will offer you – Šárka, Elena, Roman, Tomáš, František, and Standa.
  • Delicious delicacies and gourmet specialties are the results of the work of the team in the castle kitchen lead by Michal, and Honza, Lukáš, and Nenad are also regularly in the kitchen. The baking is directed by Míša, and Jarka and Vanesa are in charge of the cleanliness.
  • One of the basic attributes of our hotel is the meticulous order, which is ensured by Dana, Eva, Romana, Adriana, Maruška, and Simona, and their team of helpers.
  • Expert advice and all services to your complete satisfaction in our castle wellness will be provided by Eva, Kristinka, and Aleš.
  • Our beautiful English park and maintenance are then taken care of by Mirka and Pavel, the castle grandmothers and the castle lady, and her husband.

Our priority is always to make our guests feel special and satisfied. Your satisfaction is our success and motivation!

I am proud of everyone because they put a lot of energy, and most importantly heart, into their work. It's obvious, it's appreciated by our guests. We'll be happy to take care of you too.

Alexandra Kasperová, owner & general manager

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